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[the Epic Experience]

The Epic Experience are:

Melanie Dymond Harper Graham Harper Mo Holkar Wendy Prosser Emma O'Connell

Melanie Dymond Harper runs Herald Information Systems, an Internet and Web consultancy dealing mainly with small and medium-sized companies. She lives in Ewell, Surrey, with a husband, and wishes she had more time to roleplay. There are few things she enjoys more than watching the stunned faces of people reading their Epic Experience character sheets for the first time, and her favourite word is "What?!?!"

Graham Harper used to just play these games and provide moral support and tea: now he has to write them as well. Consequences 2012 saw the first game on which he's been lead writer, All Rite on the Night.

Mo Holkar has finally stepped back from active involvement in Epic Experience. He is a partner in Freeform Games, purveyors of fine murder mystery party games to the discerning. He is a former editor of Flagship magazine, the bible of turn-based gaming, and was long active in Oxford University Role-Playing Games Society. He discovered freeforming at Gamesfair sometime in the early 1990s and has never been quite the same since. He lives in Ipswich with a wife and two cats.

Wendy Prosser is no longer an active Epic Experience member, but her legacy lives on (as we continually recycle hoary old games). She was co-writer with Mel and Mo of everything up to about 2003.

Emma O'Connell got dragooned into helping out with writing and GMing during the 2002–4 period, before making a successful bid for freedom.

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Last update: 13th October 2014