The Epic Experience

The Show Must Go On

1930. The small provincial English town of Bassethwaite. The Regent Theatre, a dilpaidated Victorian edifice living off its former glories.

Whoops! No Britches!, the celebrated Regency-set farce, was due to open today – eager townsfolk packed the shabby auditorium, hoping to be distracted from their Depression-era woes by the the slap of a thigh, the tousle of a wig, the saucy wink of an eye.

But tragedy has struck. The leading lady, beautiful Elizabeth Vere, has been found dead in her dressing room, her features contorted with agony and a half-drunk mug of cocoa in her hand – poisoned!

Backstage, the company and crew gather, together with local worthies who were expecting to attend the play. The mood is one of sombreness, tinged with hysteria and guilty recrimination. The thoughts of many turn back to an earlier night, an earlier tragedy, still unexplained, at this very theatre – the echoes ring down the decades. Soon enough, the medical and police authorities will arrive to take charge of the situation. But before that, decisions must be taken, friendships must be tested, secrets must be exposed – for by hook or by crook, for better or for worse, The Show Must Go On!

Cast list

Come One, Come All! – A Rip-Roaring Time Is Guaranteed!

The world-famous Alexander Company, fresh from a tour before the crowned heads of Europe, honours the Regent Theatre with a visit.

Whoops! No Britches!

The acclaimed Regency farce.



and the great

Director: Mr Philip Alexander

Stalls from just 1/6, available from our Box Office. You'll want to tell your children you were there!


Bassethwaite will be treated to a Continental treasure.

That inspired playwright, Henrik Blijt, his latest masterpiece:


Directed by Jan Turnall, for your edification and delight.


The frail and sensitive will wish to provide themselves with a sufficiency of hand-kerchiefs.

Our Saloon will be open after the performance, for Discussion and Debate.

Premiere: Consequences 2008

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