The Epic Experience

Poles Apart

Fragmentary communication received from Antarctic Base Scott Station: ... storm has cut radio link ... buried object still unidentified ... Norwegians acting very oddly ... no sign of the Commander and his patrol, foolish to go out in this weather ... all still troubled by these dreams ... the dogs are barking again ... may God have mercy on us ... TRANSMISSION ENDS

General background

The British Antarctic Survey’s Scott Station is further south than any other settlement on the white continent. Founded ten years ago for the accomplishment of mighty experiments designed to push back the boundaries of human understanding, it has been a bit of a disappointment and is now regarded by the BAS as something of a white elephant – but one they cannot cull, because of the loss of prestige this would entail. Particularly rankling is the nearby Norwegian installation, King Haakon VII Base, which has achieved a number of good results. Relations between the staff of the two bases are good, though, as they are closer to each other than they are to any other fragment of humanity.
Recent events at the base:

Cast list

Playtest: ShadowCon 1997
Premiere: EuroGenCon 1997

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