The Epic Experience

The Fall of Kar-Dernath

The bastion of Kar-Dernath lies under siege from the forces of the Shadow Pact, an immense army of orcs, led by dark elves and aided by fell and strange beasts. Repeated sallies have had little effect, and the feeling is that ere long the orcs will gain the courage to storm the castle. The folk of Kar-Dernath sent long since to their neighbours at Kar-Brandel for military aid, but none was forthcoming. Lord Brandel is preserving his strength for when the Shadow Pact forces move on to him.

Six adventurers from Kar-Brandel have been told by their lord to collect the priest Beattie from Kar-Dernath. Lord Brandel suspects that Kar-Dernath is about to fall, and wants to preserve Beattie for the cause of good (and to strengthen his own forces). Beattie, who was once High Priest of Fo-nin at Kar Brandel, should be keen to leave the doomed cause of Kar-Dernath, but it may be that Lord Dernath will be reluctant to let her go...

Premiere: Gamesfair 1993

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